Congratulations to our IUP graduates! Although we wish we could support our students by seeing them walking across the stage, we are glad all our tenants and their families are safe during these times. Philadelphia Square also wants to wish all our tenants good luck with their online finals! We miss seeing our tenants. We cannot wait to have them back in our off-campus apartments during the next school year.

Finals Study Tips

While taking finals, make sure to eat nutritious and regular meals. Do not forget to eat during all the studying. Getting plenty of rest and fresh air will help refresh your brain and activate your muscle memory, which will help you remember what you have been studying for finals. Do not forget to take some time away from the screens by moving around and resting your eyes. These tips will all help you preform your best for finals.

After Finals Fun

With less work to keep yourself distracted with, do not fall into a slump this summer. Stay active. Get some fresh air by reading outside, going on walks or taking hikes. Starting a new Netflix show can be a relaxing way to wind down from a crazy semester, but remember starting new hobbies like gardening or cooking can also be ways to stay motivated throughout the summer. Finding ways to relax over the summer will help you refresh and be ready to take on another semester at IUP.

Not Too Late

Continue the summer fun into next semester by leasing our luxury off-campus student apartments. It is not too late to lease with Philadelphia Square for the 2020-21 IUP school year! We still have some off-campus luxury student apartments available.

Our 280 South 7th Street location is one of our tenant’s favorites. These apartments are located immediately above the IUP intramural program’s gymnasium and adjacent to the HUB. This location is just steps away from campus and across the street from Sheetz. It is a quick walk to a morning cup of coffee before classes or if you return to campus after classes for any new hobbies.

If you are looking for all the benefits of living off campus, our 1028 Philadelphia Street luxury apartments give our tenants an urban feel while fostering a safe environment. These apartments are located a couple of blocks away from the shops in downtown Indiana and a hike in White’s Woods. It is the perfect distance between both, which gives our tenants access to more diverse experiences.

Located at our 1055 Philadelphia Street location is our state-of-the-art theater room. All our Philadelphia Square tenants have free access to our high-definition screen. This is a great place to continue your Netflix binge from the summer or watch a movie or sporting event with friends. Remember to relax in between study sessions.

For more information on leasing during the 2020-21 school year, please contact us for more information. Philadelphia Square wishes all our tenants a happy and healthy summer.