IUP’s Winter Break Is Almost Here!

IUP’s Winter Break is right around the corner, which means that IUP students will have five weeks before classes resume for the spring semester. You worked so hard for weeks on end and now you finally have some time to yourself, but the real question is what will you be doing with all that free time over break?

You could use the break and binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix or perhaps you’re the college student who can’t take a break from hitting the books and will complete a winter course or two through Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Either way, take advantage of your winter break. You can use that time to make memories, destress, better yourself, volunteer, and find your apartment for the upcoming semesters.


The holiday season is all about giving back and making other people feel good. So why not volunteer your time? Indiana County has local businesses and organizations that are always looking for volunteers, including college students. Not only will you be helping the members of the community, but you can list your volunteer hours on your resume.

Spend Snowy Days With Friends

As much fun as a ski day can be, it can be pricey, but gathering up your friends and heading to the steepest hill in your neighborhood to sled ride is free. Well, it might cost you a few dollars to warm up after with some hot chocolate. Pennsylvania has plenty of snow in the winter for you to embrace being a child at heart.

Secure Your Apartment For Next Year

If making snow angels isn’t your thing, maybe apartment hunting is. Philadelphia Square offers eight locations that have one-bedroom units, all the way up to five-bedroom units. These luxury off-campus apartments are available to lease for the upcoming fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters.

A common favorite is our 280 South 7th Street location. IUP students love the convenience of these apartments with the apartments being adjacent to the Student Union. Plus, you will be a short walk away from Indiana’s downtown bars, restaurants and shops. The added perk of signing a lease for our 280 South 7th Street location is that you’re just steps away from Sheetz, so getting your morning cup of joe is a breeze.

If you want to have an off-campus apartment that is quiet but is still close to downtown, then our 964-972 Philadelphia Street locations are perfect for you! These locations have four bedrooms and are located in the peaceful area of the neighborhood. You won’t be bothered with constant noise like you were while living in the dorms. Philadelphia Square Apartments does share the same safety as IUP dorms. We care that our tenants and their parents know that they’re safe. That is why our buildings are fully equipped with security systems that require security codes or have electronic key systems.

Philadelphia Square hopes all our tenants and IUP students have a fun, safe and relaxing winter break. If you are interested in touring, please contact us to set up a tour!