Find Your Best Fit

Find the off-campus apartment that is the best fit for you. At Philadelphia Square Management Company, our primary goal is to provide Indiana University of Pennsylvania students with convenient, modern, comfortable, and upscale off-campus student housing. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about signing a lease with us. [...]

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Love Your Match 

Love is in the air, and if you’re not loving your college housing, maybe it’s time to find your match. When it comes to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s off-campus housing, Philadelphia Square’s luxury apartments are the best. All of our seven locations are in close proximity to IUP’s campus, are equipped with high quality amenities, [...]

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Hassle Free Leasing

Philadelphia Square values the importance of hassle free living. Our off-campus apartments are safe, clean and did we mention, they’re luxury? All of our apartments come fully furnished with premium furniture, rent is all inclusive, and amenities are accessible to all of our tenants.We know returning from Winter Break can be stressful and finding future [...]

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Countdown To New Leasing 

The countdown begins for saying goodbye 2022, and hello to 2023! The new year is a time for setting resolutions for a successful year. If finding affordable off-campus housing is one of your resolutions, we have you covered. We have seven different locations for Indiana University of Pennsylvania students to tour when finding their new [...]

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Happy Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving. It’s a national holiday, but you get to decide who, when and where you’ll celebrate. Gather your pals and display everyone’s best chef skills! If you’re a tenant with Philadelphia Square, you’ll have the best venue off-campus. Embrace Your Inner Foodie It’s imperative to have a large kitchen equipped with the high preforming appliances [...]

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Spooky Season, More like Leasing Season

The spooky season is here and we are here for it! Don’t forget between your costume prepping and spooktacualr festivities to start planning your next lease. We are leasing for the upcoming 2023 and 2024 semesters. We offer one to four bedroom off-campus apartments, so be sure to treat yourself this Halloween by signing a [...]

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Classes Are Back In Session

Classes are back in full swing at Indian University of Pennsylvania. We are so happy to welcome back all of IUP’s students. Though it is exciting to see all of your friends, classmates and professors again, we understand that retuning back to campus can be a bit overwhelming. To support you on your journey this [...]

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It’s Not Too Late To Lease

It's not too late to lease your dream off-campus apartment! If you haven’t signed for your off-campus apartment, you still have time. We offer one to four bedroom apartments. Whether you’re looking to room solo or roomie up with a few of your best pals, we have you covered. Where to Start Don’t let finding [...]

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