Spreading Love for a Stress-free Semester

Luxury Leasing There’s no better stress-free way to kick off this new semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania than with the comfortable, affordable and luxurious living spaces that Philadelphia Square offers. Our eight locations are only minutes, if not steps from campus. The properties prime locations are an ideal walk for the winter weather – [...]

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New Year, New Lease

It’s the New Year and what better time to find affordable off-campus housing than now. Philadelphia Square has eight locations that are all minutes, if not steps away from IUP's campus. Live it Up A common favorite is our 280 South 7th Street apartments. These units have two, three and four bedrooms. The layout of [...]

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Make the Most of IUP’s Winter Break

IUP's Winter Break Is Almost Here! IUP's Winter Break is right around the corner, which means that IUP students will have five weeks before classes resume for the spring semester. You worked so hard for weeks on end and now you finally have some time to yourself, but the real question is what will you [...]

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Philadelphia Square Is Thankful For IUP Students

Our primary goal at Philadelphia Square Management Company, is to provide Indiana University of Pennsylvania students with convenient, modern, comfortable, and upscale IUP off campus student housing. We can fulfill this goal because of our tenants. We are beyond thankful for our tenants who have allowed us to do what we love and make us [...]

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Treat Yourself to a Quality IUP Off-Campus Apartment

Finding the right college apartment can seem like you’re going trick or treating. Some places seem like a treat when you tour, but then after you commit to the lease, all their tricks come out. Philadelphia Square’s off-campus housing is not a trick, it truly is a treat. We care about proving the best off-campus [...]

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Benefits of Signing a Lease with Philadelphia Square

You might feel like it was just yesterday that you signed your last lease, but the time to sign is here once again! Philadelphia Square makes the stress of finding quality off-campus housing easy. There are eight locations to pick from and are all in walking distance to IUP's campus. Whether you need a one, [...]

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Five Tips on How to Unpack

Welcome Back to IUP! School is back in session, we all know what that means, unpacking. We know that unpacking can feel overwhelming and rushed but here are some tips to make the whole ordeal a little more bearable.   Tip 1:  Start big, end small.  How many times do you just start unpacking without [...]

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Tips to De-Stress During IUP’s Finals Week

Don’t freak out during finals week this year. We know our college apartments are peaceful to both study and relax in, but here are some additional activities in Indiana, Pa that will help you to unwind and ease your mind in preparation for finals.   Go Exploring One way to de-stress during finals is to [...]

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5 Benefits of IUP Off-Campus Housing

When it comes to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s off-campus housing, Philadelphia Square’s luxury apartments are ideal. With eight locations in such close proximity to IUP, there is a match for every student. Below are the top five reasons why apartment living is the best living:   Accessibility All of Philadelphia Square’s locations are conveniently placed [...]

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Six Ways to Make Your College Apartment Feel Like Home

Living in a student apartment is all fun and games until you are missing home. Even though Philadelphia Square apartments are spacious and comfortable, we have compiled a list of items that will make your IUP apartment even more personalized while still staying organized. These tips will help you make your space a home away [...]

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