Living in a student apartment is all fun and games until you are missing home. Even though Philadelphia Square apartments are spacious and comfortable, we have compiled a list of items that will make your IUP apartment even more personalized while still staying organized. These tips will help you make your space a home away from home.



  1. Picture Frames

What better way to feel at home than filling your space with photos of the ones you love? Picture frames are a cheap way to bring personality to your apartment, as well as bring familiar faces to an otherwise unfamiliar location.


  1. Armrest Tables

Everyone does it. We use the armrest of a couch or chair as a resting place for food, drinks, phone, and other items. This is a solution to keep important items you need safely in immediate reach and to stay mess free by creating a flat surface.


  1. Small Apartment Plants

You may think that houseplants are just for show, but they actually pack many benefits into a tiny pot. Interior plants are proven to reduce toxicity in the air, as well as keep temperatures cool and humidified. Being surrounded by plants in your off-campus housing can also reduce stress, increase productivity and boost creativity.


  1. Welcome Mat

Having a welcome mat in your entryway not only allows for you and your guests to wipe off shoes before entering, but it also gives an inviting personal touch to the outside of your off-campus apartment.


  1. Space Saving Bathroom Shelf

Nothing is more unappealing than an unorganized and messy bathroom. This inexpensive and space-conscious item adds a ton of space to the area for extra towels, toilet paper, and any other necessary bathroom items.


  1. Storage Ottoman

An ottoman serves many purposes, it can be a footstool, an extra seat, and can even hold miscellaneous items. Anything that doesn’t have a place can always find a home in an ottoman.


Don’t be afraid to be creative with your decorating and storage ideas. Have any more items you couldn’t live without in your student housing? Share them with us!