Spring has officially bloomed! We imagine you’re excited for the fresh flowers, birds chirping outside your window, spring break, and signing a lease for a new off-campus apartment. Regardless of which one is at the top of your favorite’s list, we have some tips to help you spring into action on your spring cleaning. 

Packing 101 

Spring Break is right around the corner for IUP’s students. Before you venture off to the beach or back home for a stay-cation consider spring cleaning your off-campus apartment. You’ll already be packing, so why not take advantage of the mess by picking up what you won’t be wearing for the remainder of the spring semester. It’s no secret that Pennsylvania has unpredictable weather, so consider leaving at least one heavy jacket behind to wear on your walks to campus. However, all those sweatshirts and sweaters, pick a few of your go-tos and pack up the rest. 

Spring Into Action

Sometimes you just need to crank your ultimate playlist to get your body moving and grooving when it comes to spring cleaning. The hardest part is finding the motivation, what better motivation there than a song with a good beat that has you singing your heart out? Don’t give up if you catch yourself dragging on the sprucing up of your off-campus apartment. Try some oldies or early 2000’s, those two genres have secret cleaning powers wrapped up between the notes.Before you know it, you’ll be busting moves and will have a cleaned up space.  

Don’t Just Throw Away, Donate 

Cleaning often reminds us how much we own, but how little we actually use. Instead of just going in with a garbage bag, consider making a donation pile. Take the clothes that you haven’t worn since arriving at IUP this year and put them to better use. Dig deep in that closet, go through your shoes, check those kitchen cabinets, and don’t forget about those used books. There are local places in Indiana that you can take your donations to. As for those used books, ask old professors if they could give them to a future student in need. 

 Spring into a New Lease

Spring cleaning isn’t just about typing your space, it’s also about getting some things on your ‘To-Do List’ checked off. If you haven’t already signed a lease for the upcoming fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters, we recommend doing that before the spring semester ends. We have seven different locations that are all furnished with premium furniture, the rent is all-inclusive, there are quality amenities for all tenants to enjoy, and best of all you’ll be living in luxury at an affordable rate. We are offering in-person or virtual tours. Let us help you find your new home away from home.