Time to study and prep for Finals Week as the spring semester is winding down. It can be challenging not to get overwhelmed with the stress of studying for your class’s finals, but here are some tips we wanted to share with our IUP students to combat the stress of finals.

Study Break Adventures 

Go get your head lost in the clouds. Put down the flashcards and go for a walk. Take in the scenery and the sounds of nature. If you’re a more music only type, then blast that favorite playlist. Either way, taking time to go outdoors and breathe fresh air will help lower your stress levels. Exercise not only helps get your mind off of your exams and projects, but it also helps improve quality of sleep, self-esteem, and reduces tension. Remember, that you should be taking study breaks every fifty to ninety minutes. Taking a twenty minute walk can help you come back and reflect on your studies. 

Snooze Away 

Sleep is a huge factor when it comes to your brain’s health. Preparing for finals puts your brain to work. It is important that you are sleeping at least eight hours a night. If your stress and anxiety are causing you to struggle to fall asleep. Try lying down early and building time into your study schedule to hit that snooze button. Those extra few minutes add up and can help you feel refreshed before putting in more time studying at the library. 

Study Space 

Turn off the TV, turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb”, and get comfortable, because it’s time to find your ideal study environment. Some people find studying at a coffee shop to be too distracting, while others say it holds them accountable to keep focused. It can’t hurt to give sipping on your latte while crushing your practice test you created to pass your math final a whirl. If you find the library to be a bit overcrowded, try to create your ideal study nook within your space. If that means doing a little rearranging of furniture then take the time to do so. It is vital to have limited distractions and an environment that your brain identifies as a “study space”.