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Don’t freak out during finals week this year. We know our college apartments are peaceful to both study and relax in, but here are some additional activities in Indiana, Pa that will help you to unwind and ease your mind in preparation for finals.


Go Exploring

One way to de-stress during finals is to get some fresh air. With the warmer weather comes more opportunities to get outside with your friends and experience the great outdoors. Blue Spruce Park, Pine Ridge Park, and the Blacklick Valley Natural Area offer many trails where you can escape the stress of finals week right here in Indiana County.

If you’d rather explore the beauty of Indiana by water, there are canoe and kayak options in reach of your Philadelphia Square Apartment as well.

Hit the trails and let the fresh air take away your stress this finals week.


Do Good to De-Stress

 Imagine being able to de-stress while you are helping those in need. There are plenty of options around the Indiana University of Pennsylvania where your help is needed. If you are unsure of where there is the best benefit, for both you and the organization, visit volunteermatch.org, to make the most out of your downtime. Not only does volunteering help the community, but it also gives IUP students networking opportunities, enhances your resume, and increases the chance for great reference letters. If you need to get your mind off of your studies but still want to be productive, then volunteering is for you.


Be Entertained

In addition to The Indiana Mall Cinema’s five dollar movie Monday, there are plenty of local entertainment groups that offer opportunities to have a night out with friends to take a study break. Philly Street Escape Rooms offer a thrilling way to use your brainpower for something not involving a textbook. Another way to escape the stress is right on-campus, close to your student housing. IUP Lively Arts hosts many shows and events for both students and Indiana, Pa community members to relax and enjoy. This spring is packed with shows where you are welcome to support fellow students, as well as get your mind off the end-of-semester season.


Get Moving

It is not news that exercise helps to relieve stress in a healthy way. Exercise not only helps get your mind off of your exams and projects, but it also helps improve quality of sleep, self-esteem, and reduces tension. These are all things college students deal with. Luckily for you, Philadelphia Square Apartments offer state-of-the-art exercise facilities for all of their tenants. Even if you haven’t worked out all year, finals week is a great time to start, and your IUP off-campus housing facilities will remain open for use.


What else do you like to do to get your mind off of the stress of finals week? Comment and let us know!